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Sia says her decision to move away from the scene has been confirmed from the need to protect her mental health: for years she has struggled with addiction to painkillers and alcoholism while struggling to cope with the pressures of “She said in a rare interview with Billboard last year (she appeared on this magazine cover with a paper bag on her head).

The legalization of the drug (I’m not sure kelprod wanted to legalize all the drugs or just potty but I guess all the drugs) is not to get people to do less drugs. To wage a war against drugs, you essentially need a police state to enforce y[……]


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2 teenagers killed in lancaster accident are identified

Speaking of Song Danny, the first time I heard, it was not your recording. It was a punk rock version by a band called me first and the Gimmes Give Me. It made me ask it did cover versions have your songs over the years that really surprised you, or did the song in a direction you did not see coming?

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